How to Check For Bed Bugs – You Need to Check Your Hotel Room

How to check for bed bugs is actually not all that difficult if you are trained in the inspection of bed bugs. This is actually a very important topic. Just because you do not have bedbugs now does not mean that you may not have them in the future. If you are staying the night in a four-star hotel, or if you are in a discount motel, you need to know how to check for them when you get into your hotel room. If you have dealt with bed bug bites, you know just how much of a pain they are to get rid of them.

These are the things you need to do to check for bedbugs. If you are in a hotel room, do not put any of your personal belongings on your bed until you take these steps. You want to begin your inspection for bugs at the bed. Begin by peeling back the comforter on the bed and check the bed for anything unusual. Check the comforter first and the top sheet.

Hopefully your top sheet is white. If you find bedbugs at this step, you have a severe infestation of bedbugs and should leave the hotel room immediately. If you are in a rental home or just moved into an apartment with them, you better realize that you have walked into a huge problem. Do not take this lightly. Bedbugs are not like ants. They don’t just go away in a day. You have to do an intense treatment for them. 분당풀싸롱

Your next step is to take the sheets off the mattress. As you take off each sheet, check carefully for any infestation. Now take off the mattress and look at the back side of your mattress and the top of your box springs. If you have them, there is a good chance you will see them now. Also look for odd blood stains or dirt looking things. If anything looks unusual you need to watch out.

Finally pull up the box springs and thoroughly inspect this too. You need to look really carefully in all of the nooks and crannies. Bedbugs like to hide in dark places, but you may see one crawling now if you have taken your bed completely apart. Keep looking around your room in other parts of the room, and you should find them if you keep getting bed bug bites.



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